Developing Brand Image

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By Jamal Panhwar

Images created in the minds of the customers through intense marketing have taken importance in recent times. Marketers and big corporations have become obsessed about their perception in the mind of the customers. It is through brand image development that now a days instead of functional benefits and physical aspects symbolic associations and brand expressiveness is more important. Due to increased importance of Brand image objective reality is decreasing and customers are more into the realms of perception and image. Brand image and brand perception are the most important tenants of human understanding. Reasons for this increased importance of brand image can be: Marketing’s increasing cognizance of the behavioral aspects of consumer decision making. (Tony Meenaghan, 1995) Affluent society’s predilection with symbolic rather than purely functional aspects of products. (Tony Meenaghan, 1995) An increasing variety of relatively homogeneous products often involving high product complexity and confusing messages which increase consumer reliance on the image aspects of products. (Tony Meenaghan, 1995) the fact that technological innovation, increasingly susceptible to rapid imitation, may no longer offer previous levels of sustainable competitive advantage. (King, 1991)