P&G Introduced Olay Skin Adapt to Turkish Women

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Country : USA


Olay brings this fantastic innovation, their new Skin Adapt Cleansers range after Olay's Global Skin care research discovered that over 90% of women agreed that they suffer from the unpredictability of their skin. Up to 39% reported their facial skin comprises both dry and oily parts -- requiring a cleansing solution that will benefit all areas of the face. The Olay Skin Adapt Cleansing range with its unique responsive formula, purifying complexes for deep cleansing and hydrators to replenish dry areas will leave skin balanced and beautiful.

Before the October 2008 launch in the Turkish market; 1000 Women, between the ages of 18-30 with combination skin, living all across Turkey were invited to the campaign.

Campaign Objectives * Overcoming the barriers to trial and adoption by placing the product in the hands of the right consumers. Speeding up the "first trial" * Determine the motives and environment to help create word of mouth about the product. * Spread the advergame (created for the launch of the product) solely by the power of our members, one month prior to media buying . * Measure the results of the WOMM campaign.

Results * Almost half of the FMs were not aware of "Olay" brand and more than 50% of them never tried Olay products before the campaign and after the campaign, 31% of these people became brand evangelists. * 49% of the FMs chose to buy an extra Olay product other than the foaming wash they were sent. * The campaign generated more than 65,000 word of mouth interactions, in person. * One member influenced 18 more friends about the Olay Skin Adapt Face Wash. * Active members shared their experiences in their blogs and forums which was a great use of CGM (Consumer Generated Media) * The maximum number of people reached by one FM is 2001 . * The results from reports about product performance was used in the product's own web site.

Client: Procter & Gamble Agency: Budget: Undisclosed Date of Campaign: October 2007-January 2008 --------------------------------------