Pizza Hut Takes a Bite Out of the Competition

Company Name : Pizza Hut
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Country : USA


Super Bowl Sunday is not only the championship of professional football, but it’s also the busiest pizza day of the year – a day that can give the category leader in pizza a significant sales boost. Competition is stiff among major brands to stand out during the big game and Pizza Hut wanted to rise above the noise with a creative, strategic campaign for its Cheesy Bites Pizza product launch for the 2006 Super Bowl.

The product advertising campaign included Jessica Simpson singing “These Bites Were Made for Poppin,” playing off her remake of the popular song, “These Boots Were Made for Walkin.” The challenge of working with a well-known spokesperson was ensuring that the pizza product wasn’t lost in the spotlight of celebrity and that the media coverage didn’t drop the product mention in favor of dishing on the stars.


Working with Dallas-based integrated marketing communications agency MarketWave, Pizza Hut developed an idea to record Simpson’s “Bites” song on a light-activated sound chip that was placed in pizza boxes for deliveries to hundreds of media newsrooms throughout the country. Product samples of Cheesy Bites Pizza accompanied the PR materials, and our focused media follow-up garnered nearly 200 TV news stories from the deliveries alone, coverage that started with a national story in USA Today, followed by a story with the Associated Press and a more than two-minute segment on Good Morning America, focused solely on the product, with no mention of the celebrities in the ads.

Results: With more than 1,500 minutes of TV air time, and more than 200 print articles secured, the value Pizza Hut received from the PR effort was in excess of $15 million. And, sales on Super Bowl Sunday nearly doubled from the previous year.

Credit Information -------------------------------------- Client: Pizza Hut Agency: MarketWave Budget: $200,000 Date of Campaign: January-February 2006 Contact Name: Susan Yost --------------------------------------