The Classic Mineral Water

Company Name : Natural Irish Water
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Country : Niagra

By Heritage Marketing by Sbasbi Misiura

In 1948 the late James McKee founded the Classic Mineral Water Company – the business has remained in the family ever since. The business originally traded by selling premium-quality drinks directly to consumers by home delivery, but in 1990 it developed the market poten- tial by supplying shops and supermarkets. Also in 1990, the firm was the first in Northern Ireland to achieve Mineral Water Status, an accolade that reinforced its commitment to quality products and to which its existing cus- tomer base responded extremely positively – they had been asking for more natural product drinks and the company had been listening. During the 1990s the firm engaged in more market development by sup- plying its products to UK multiples (supermarkets), which saw a steady growth in sales. However, in 2000, they decided to commission an extensive market research exercise in order to understand what the consumers thought about the range of products and the brand. The research was car- ried out amongst a sample of the target markets in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England and Europe. The research revealed that consumers enjoyed the range of products but identified that the brand image needed to be developed more clearly, in par- ticular to reflect the Irish heritage and identity of the company. The com- pany responded by investing in new label designs and branding to confirm their positioning in the market as a supplier of premium-branded Irish Mineral water; this was reinforced by using Celtic fonts and an associated logo with a ‘knots’ design. Sales expectations were exceeded as a result of these branding initiatives, so much so that the company acquired more state-of-the art manufacturing machinery and added additional warehousing in order to meet this surge in demand, mainly from new customers rather than existing or lapsed ones. The company is now in the process of product development and is adding to the existing range with flavoured variants of mineral water and a new health-boosting variety. Acknowledgment: The Classic Mineral Water Company, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, 2004.