What is Brand Image

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By Jamal Panhwar

Brand image can be defined as “SET OF BELIEFS HELD ABOUT A PARTICULAR BRAND” (Kotler, 1988) . Term BRAND was initially associated with a simple product level but now it is used for all kind of products and services. Now brand management can be applied to all levels of marketing imagery. So now it is quite common to use the word branding for both corporate and retail level companies activity and for the product (Grier, 1991). Brand Image is related to some set of associations which consumer has for the brand organized in some meaningful way. Now brand and its image is completely a different thing from its functional aspect. Through marketing and advertisement brand is being transformed from a functional product to immortal brand (Kim 1990). According to Kim “a product is a physical thing…a brand has no tangible, physical, or functional properties…Yet it is just as real as the product. Disembodied, abstract, ephemeral…it exists like a myth in the imagination of the consumer” (Kim 1990)