Why brands are important

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By Jamal Panhwar

Branding is one of the most important tenets of marketing and and building the right brand image is also important. Research have shown that at the age of 6 consumer starts to recognize and identify brand images (Belk et al., 1982).† As the market is becoming more and more crowded by different brands and products consumers are more relying on the brand images than on the physical characteristics. This is typically more important for those products that are in the mature stage of their life cycle. For companies brand name is a major rescission of their product because this is the name that people will remember their product it. Can be good or it may become bad. So form an organization's point of view brand is a very important and basic decision that they must make before they can produce the product. For customers Branding is also very important. With emergence of good communication and faster travel of goods the market is not full of numerous similar products and customer can get confused if he/she does not know the brand of the product. Brand makes shopping easier and less time consuming. As are the products and people increasing in number the time is becoming even shorter, hence cutomers value brand to save them time. For society Brand also plays an important role. Brand help society to have choices and ability to chose the one that is right for it. People in the society where Brand is practiced (This is now true for all the word, it was not during the communism) has better living due to the fact that people chose from among the products they need. Rather in the past in community society where brads did not exist people just had to get what was offered to them hence they some times didnít get any thing and some times got some thing they did not have a need for.