Pakistan Travel and culture Services

Company Name : Travel & Culture Services
Company Address : Suite 702 Panorama Center I Fatima Jinnah Road
City : Karachi
Country : Pakistan

By Jamal Panhwar

Travel & Culture is a tour operator company in Pakistan, they had a staff of about 30 people before 1997, the opration was running smootly, however after the 9/11 the fall of tour tourism in Pakistan, the company was forced to cut down the staff to just 4 people, due to lack of business and motivation the staff was quite upset and the company's business was running very low, then the company though of giving a training to the staff of different aspects of the business operation and made each employee a partner in the company, the training was cunducted by a famous life coach from Pakistan. The staff started operating on the files and also worked in the field and due to its training the company started in full swing and business is back to normal and keeps all the staff very busy.

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