Utility Facing Deregulation

Company Name : GasCo
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Country : USA

By Bottom Line Training by Donal Ford

GasCo is a 135 year old firm, the largest natural gas utility in the U.S., with $US 1.3 billion annual revenue, 16 million customers and 10,000 employees. It is facing market deregulation as a result of legislative action. The Public Utilities Commission is allowing competitors to enter GasCo’s market for the first time. These competitors are offering lower prices and quicker customer response time and threaten to erode GasCo’s market share, especially with lucrative commercial and industrial customers. ƒ Business Goals: Gas Co executives have identified the following high priority goals for the organization: o Reduce costs by 10% ($75 million/yr.) to enable price cuts that will keep the company competitive. o Increase customer satisfaction by 10%, especially with regards to customer response time, ƒ Performance Goals: A preliminary analysis by a performance consulting firm indentified the following key performance goals to support the business goals above: o Reduce customer response cycle time from an average of 2.5 days to 1 day. This will increase customer satisfaction and discourage customers from switching to the competition. o Increase labor productivity 10% by reengineering field service work to make it more efficient and customer friendly.

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