Coca Cola and Passenger Team Up to Create 'My Coke Rewards for Schools'

Company Name : Coca Cola
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Country : USA


Working alongside the My Coke Rewards team, Passenger collaborated with parents and members of their private online community to develop the My Coke Rewards for Schools, a new extension of the popular rewards program designed to help students and schools in need. Parents can earn points from participating Coca-Cola packages and donate them to any participating school they choose whereupon administrators can redeem them for needed resources from the schools rewards catalog. Contributions from the My Coke Rewards Community were instrumental in gaining feedback on the name for the program; understanding what school rewards were most important to parents, and devising ideas to increase participation at launch and on an ongoing basis. The impact has been twofold - not only did the My Coke Rewards Team incorporate these insights into the design and execution of an incredibly important educational program, but the ancillary word-of-mouth facets of this project have also encouraged parents, teachers and students to connect with their local communities and make an impact offline.

Client: Coca Cola Agency: Passenger Budget: Undisclosed--------------------------------------