3 Things You Need to Know Before Travelling to Pakistan

Travelling to Pakistan might not be the obvious destination for most tourists, but if you enjoy getting off the beaten path, you won't regret travelling to this spectacular country. For outdoor lovers, there is the sea, desert, green mountains, dry mountains, rivers, and icy landscapes. There is also delicious food and the people are very friendly. But to make the most of a trip to Pakistan, you need to be prepared. These are some things you should be aware of before visiting.

The visa situation

Pakistan has a list of twenty countries whose residents can obtain a visa on arrival for one month. Unfortunately, Australia is not one of those countries and so a visa must be obtained in advance. There is a consulate for Pakistan in both Canberra and Sydney, but Australia is a large country and if you can't make it to either of these places it is best to lean on a travel agency with visa processing services to obtain your Pakistan visa. Applicants are typically granted up to three months in the country. You can learn more by contacting resources like CLS Capital Link Services.

What to wear

Pakistan is a conservative country and you will be expected to dress modestly there. For women this means wearing long skirts or trousers. Men might be able to wear long shorts in a city environment, but shorts are still an uncommon sight throughout Pakistan and you are likely to be on the receiving end of some stares if you do wear them.

You should also take into account the weather. The heat can be stifling in the summer and freezing in the mountains during the winter, so it is a good idea to have layers of clothing that you can add and remove. Marriages in Pakistan

Local customs

There are many local customs in Pakistan that might seem strange to foreigners but are important to abide by so as not to cause offence. When shaking hands, always shake with the right hand only as the left hand is reserved for unsanitary duties such as assistance in the toilet and shining shoes.

Men and women should also never greet each other with hugs or by shaking hands. Pakistanis are generous people, and if you clean your plate you will be given more food. But, if you leave lots of food behind, you will cause offence. And so it is important to leave just a little to signal that you are finished. Marriages in Pakistan

Follow this advice, and you should be prepared to have a brilliant time in Pakistan.